Brexit update
30 September 2016

There have beenξfew tangible examples of progress in the Brexit process since the referendum on June 23rd Рwe seem to be getting more...

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After the Brexit Referendum
27 June 2016

Plants For Europe actively campaigned for a Remain vote in last week’s referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. We cannot deny that...

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Possible implications of Brexit (in the UK and in other countries)
03 May 2016

INTRODUCTION The United Kingdom will hold a referendum on continued membership of the European Union on June 23rd. All registered voters in the UK...

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Nagoya Protocol
02 March 2016

The Nagoya Protocol is in the news and not in a good way. You can read the article here. Breeders and growers must ensure...

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New regulations and advice for Xylella
15 January 2016

APHA, the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency, has issued new guidance to professionals in horticulture (growers, retailers, landscapers, designers – in fact, anyone...

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Protective measures against pests of plants
16 April 2014

You may have seen media coverage of the new EU proposal covering protective measures againsts pests of plants. We have serious reservations regarding this...

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European Union Plant Reproductive Material regulation – new update
15 April 2014

This post should be read in conjunction with the related preceding posts, which you can find below. Following on from the last update, the...

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New update on the European Commission’s PRM regulation proposal
24 March 2014

Today, the British stakeholder group that has been working on the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation on plant reproductive material (PRM) met virtually....

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Further update on the European Commission PRM regulation proposals
18 March 2014

There has been much in the news recently about developments in Brussels regarding the European Commission’s proposed regulation on plant reproductive material (PRM). The...

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Update on proposed EC PRM Regulation – not all good news?
06 February 2014

A quick update on the progress of the European Commissionäó»s Plant Reproductive Material Regulation. A vast number of amendments to the Regulation have been...

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A sorry tale
06 August 2013

Today I had a conversation with a gentleman who has developed a new plant variety. He is not a professional grower or breeder, so...

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Don’t be stupid!
19 July 2013

Some days, we’re just astonished by the stupidity of people in our industry. What sort of idiot sends out 9cm plants of green Euphorbia...

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