Two new PVRs granted
19 July 2013

We can announce that two PFE-managed plant varieties have been granted Plant Variety Rights. Gaura Ruby Ruby (HARRUBY), bred by Rosy Hardy of Hardy’s...

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Two new PVR applications
25 May 2011

PFE has recently made two new applications for EU Plant Variety Rights, both on behalf of Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants: Gaura Ruby Ruby (HARRUBY)...

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Two new PVR applications
06 April 2011

Please note that two new EU Plant Variety Rights applications have recently been submitted for plants in the PFE portfolio. Erysimum Walberton’s® Fragrant Star...

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A long list of new EU PVRs granted
08 June 2010

We have been busy – we have a whole list of new EU Plant Variety Rights granted in the last few weeks: Hebe TULLYRASPB...

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Two new EU PVR applications filed
15 August 2007

Plants For Europe has recently filed two new EU PVR applications on behalf of breeders. These are Geranium pratense Laura – CPVO file number...

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Phygelius PVRs granted
26 June 2007

All five of the Phygelius varieties bred by Malcolm Spencer and represented by Plants For Europe have been granted EU Plant Variety Rights, effective...

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Nemesia Berries and Cream
18 January 2007

The application for European Union Plant Variety Rights for Nemesia Berries and Cream has been filed, using the name Nemesia FLEURBAC. The application file...

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Ajuga Black Scallop in South Africa
17 November 2006

Ajuga Black Scallop has been granted PVR in South Africa. The file number is PT4481. Growers in South Africa that are interested in Black...

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Phygelius patent applications
07 August 2006

Our friends at PlantHaven Inc. have filed applications for US Plant Patent in four of the Croftway series of Phygelius on behalf of the...

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Protection status news
17 July 2006

Three items of news relating to the protection status of PFE portfolio plants: Ajuga Black Scallop – the Japanese PVR application has been filed...

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EU PVR granted for Oenothera speciosa Twilight
03 July 2006

Star Nurseries Limited, owner of Oenothera speciosa Twilight, has been granted EU Plant Variety Rights for this variety. The variety is registered under the...

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EU PVR application filed for Gaillardia Summers Kiss
05 June 2006

The EU Plant Variety Rights application for Gaillardia Summers Kiss has now been filed. The CPVO file number is 20061179. The application date is...

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