UK based breeder agent ProVaR to close in 2019

Posted in Industry News on 14 December 2018

Our competitor, UK-based plant breeder agent ProVaR, has announced that it will cease trading in 2019, only managing portfolio varieties until 30 June 2019.

Breeders who currently have their varieties placed with ProVaR are invited to contact us for a no-obligation discussion with a view to arranging effective continued representation after July 1st 2019. Plants For Europe is uniquely qualified and ready to represent these varieties – we already have experience in managing varieties from breeders who have chosen to withdraw their plants from ProVaR’s management systems, so we can effectively manage such a transition. We have been successful in increasing royalty returns to breeders by proactively promoting varieties to our strong grower client base throughout the UK, in the EU27 and in other major markets, as well as improving the effectiveness of international supply chains.

We are sad to see ProVaR go – ProVaR has been an effective voice for breeders and has fought their corner for many years. It has also been a good example of positive cooperation between different UK breeders and growers.

Phygelius Croftway Purple Prince

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