Patents vs Plant Variety Rights
17 December 2015

The European Parliament today debated the conflict, potential or existing, between Patents and Plant Variety Rights. The discussion was driven by a proposed motion...

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Proposed changes to Community Trademark regulations
06 February 2014

My thanks to Thomas Leidereiter for pointing this out to me. However, the commentary below and any errors or inaccuracies it contains are mine...

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CPVO DUS examination fees likely to increase from 1 January 2015
05 February 2014

We are always pleased when the cost of something is reduced. In 2013, the application fee for a Community Plant Variety Right was reduced...

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Big increase in UK Plant Breeder’s Rights fees – does it matter?
31 October 2013

The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is currently conducting a consultation on increasing the fees for UK Plant Breeder’s Rights....

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Welcome to Croatia!
28 June 2013

On Monday 1 July 2013, Croatia will become the 28th member of the European Union. From this date, all granted Community Plant Variety Rights...

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CPVO to reduce annual fee
01 May 2013

The Community Plant Variety Office is to reduce the annual fee for granted Community Plant Variety Rights from the current level of EUR 300...

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CPVO guidelines for names of plants
01 February 2013

Naming a new plant is a complicated business. Not only must the name be suitable for marketing the variety, it must also satisfy the...

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Crime doesn’t pay
19 December 2012

Here’s an interesting news story. Consider carefully the court’s judgement. The infringer has been selling a PVR-protected plant variety under false identity. The court...

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CPVO application fee going down
01 October 2012

The CPVO has managed to keep it quiet, but we’ve finally received official notification of something that we have known about for quite a...

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Intellectual Property scams
02 May 2012

We frequently hear of IP scams that are doing the rounds – attempts to fleece the owners and users of IP by unscrupulous individuals...

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CPVO going paperless
20 April 2012

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO), the body that administers applications for European Community Plant Variety Rights, is in the process of becoming a...

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Update on Patent Box
28 February 2012

As you will know, Plants For Europe has been campaigning to get Plant Variety Rights included in the new "Patent Box" so that profits...

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