PFE now contactable via Skype
04 April 2006

PFE can now be contacted via Skype, the free voice-over-internet telephony service. Our Skype user name (so you can call us!) is grahampfe. Please...

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Australia Plant Breeder’s Rights application filed for Ajuga Black Scallop
22 March 2006

Our friends at Plant Management Australia, who act as local territory agents for Ajuga Black Scallop, have filed the Part 1 application for Plant...

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PFE takes over management of Phlox Becky Towe in Europe
01 January 2006

With effect from January 1st 2006, PFE will be the sole European agent for Phlox paniculata Becky Towe. Breeder’s agent arrangements in all other...

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EU PVR applications filed for Malcolm Spencer’s Phygelius
08 August 2005

Plants For Europe Limited has filed applications for breeder’s rights in five new Phygelius varieties raised by Malcolm Spencer, as follows: Phygelius – UPOV...

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CPVO announces reduction in annual maintenance fees for EU-PVR
12 July 2005

In a long-anticipated move, the Community Plant Varieties Office (CPVO), the body that administers plant variety rights applications and grants across the EU, has...

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US Plant Patent granted for Ajuga Black Scallop
09 July 2005

The US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) has confirmed that Ajuga Black Scallop has been granted Plant Patent number 15,815. Ajuga Black Scallop is...

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DEFRA announces new Code Of Practice on non-native plants
10 March 2005

The UK Government department DEFRA (the Department for the Environment, Food and Regional Affairs) has introduced a Code of Practice for the importation, propagation...

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Marketing names announced for six new plants
16 February 2005

Several plants in the PFE portfolio that have, until now, been known only by working names have now been given their final marketing names...

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PFE announces two new plants in portfolio
16 February 2005

PFE is proud to announce the addition of two new plants to our portfolio. The first (alphabetically) is an exciting new Dianthus variety, Dianthus...

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CPVO intends to increase technical verification inspections
24 November 2004

Following a recent meeting at the Community Plant Varieties Office (CPVO – the body which administers EU Plant Variety Rights), the CPVO made clear...

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Ajuga Black Scallop goes from strength to strength
18 November 2004

Ajuga Black Scallop (BINBLASCA) has become the most-requested plant in the PFE portfolio, taking its position as the first-choice dark-leaved Ajuga in the European...

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