Pyracantha hybrid
Golden Paradise

Pyracantha Golden Paradise Square 2
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Plant profile

The world's first (and only) firethorn with all-yellow foliage, Pyracantha Golden Paradise should be in every grower's shrub programme.

Origin: Bred in the UK

Protection Status: EU PVR granted EU46760

Variety Name: Pyracantha hybrid Golden Paradise

Benefits of using this variety

  • Bright golden yellow foliage retains colour throughout the summer, developing copper-red colouring in tips in late summer and autumn.
  • Orange berries look good against the yellow leaves and turn red with age.
  • Clean white flowers - one of the last varieties to flower.
  • Strong upright habit.
  • HTA National Plant Show medal winner.


  • Height: 60cm after two years.
  • Width: 50cm after two years.
  • Flowering time: May - later than most varieties.
  • Foliage: golden yellow, brightest in spring but with good colour through the whole year.
  • Fruit: orange berries turn to red when very ripe.
  • Habit: strong, upright growth. Almost as vigorous as green leaf varieties.

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