Ajuga reptans
Black Scallop

Ajuga Black Scallop Square
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Plant profile

Ajuga Black Scallop is the best dark-leaved Ajuga available and is the most popular protected Ajuga variety in Europe. The superb glossy foliage and striking flower spikes enable it to be sold at any time from spring until autumn. It has improved disease resistance and is faster to finish than competitor varieties, offering cost-savings to growers.

Origin: Bred in the UK

Protection Status: EU PVR granted EU22637

Variety Name: Ajuga reptans BINBLASCA

Benefits of using this variety

  • The best dark-leaf Ajuga - significant improvement on Braunherz
  • Very dark glossy leaves, almost black in autumn
  • Good spikes of rich blue flowers in spring


  • Height: 10cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • Flowering time: March to May
  • Foliage: dark purple, almost black; glossy
  • Habit: neat rosettes

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