Yucca gloriosa
Bright Star

Yucca Bright Star Square
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Plant profile

Yucca Walberton's® Bright Star offers very brightly coloured foliage with bright gold bands along each side of the leaf. An architectural beauty.

Origin: Bred in the UK

Protection Status: EU Trade Mark E733196

Variety Name: Yucca gloriosa WALBRISTAR

Benefits of using this variety

  • Brighter than other varieties with a great proportion of the leaf coloured gold.
  • Develops pink colouring during cool temperatures or when under drought.
  • Makes a tight rosette that is instantly eye-catching, particularly in premium containers.
  • Best New Plant IPM Essen 2009
  • 5 star review in Which? Gardening magazine


  • Flower: white flowers on mature plants (usually five years old)
  • Foliage: tight rosette of bright golden yellow leaves with a mid-green central stripe. The leaves develop a pink tint in cool conditions. Each leaf has a sharp point at the tip.
  • Habit: compact upright rosette.
  • Propagation by tissue culture.

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