Helleborus niger x orientalis

Helleborus Walbertsons Rosemary Square
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The world's first H.niger x H.orientalis hybrid, Walberton's® Rosemary is the best pink flowered Helleborus to start flowering before Christmas!

Origin: Bred in the UK

Protection Status: EU PVR granted EU28914

Variety Name: Helleborus niger x orientalis WALHERO

Benefits of using this variety

  • Earliest flowering pink variety - flowers before Christmas, usually from the last week of November.
  • Very long season, with large number of stems and buds.
  • Hardy and proven garden performance.
  • Flowers become deeper pink with age.


  • Height: 40cm
  • Flowering time: December to April
  • Flowers: large flowers open pale pink and deepen to ruby pink with age.
  • Very large number of stems and buds, even on young plants.
  • Handsome deeply divided leaves, highly weather resistant.

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