All plants are individuals

PFE treats each of the plants in our portfolio as an individual – there is no such thing as a PFE “programme” applying the same promotion or licensing strategies to all of the varieties. Instead, PFE works with breeders and growers to devise the best strategy for each plant. We aim to maximise the potential of each variety in the medium and long terms, avoiding short term “quick fixes” in favour of market penetration and targeted introduction strategies that avoid turning the plant into a low-value commodity.

Getting to know growers and licensees

In order to be able to effectively place the plants in our portfolio with the best licensees, PFE makes great efforts to get to know the business of each and every grower that we deal with. This is achieved by meetings at trade shows and exhibitions, but also (and more importantly) visits to each grower’s premises. By doing this, PFE is able to understand each business, know your product range and fully understand your strengths.

As a result, PFE not only places plants with those growers that will perform best in terms of sales and royalty returns for the breeder, but also builds strong relationships with growers that allows us to help them improve and increase their business by having access to the finest and most appropriate new plant introductions.

Striving to make life easier for licensees

We feel that it is important that licensees are not overburdened by administration when trialing and producing protected plants. Consequently, we employ a simple standard trial agreement (which can be viewed in PDF format by clicking here) and use licence agreements that clearly state each party’s responsibilities. We expect regular trial reports and honest reporting of royalties, and back this up with visits to licensees so that we can maintain a strong relationship based on trust and understanding.

Royalties are usually charged on the quantity of plants sold (not on labels or the quantity propagated). Licensees are required to complete a simple Declaration of Sales form twice each year (January and July) – in the future, we plan to offer online filing. Royalty payments can be made in either sterling or euro, and we welcome electronic credit transfer.

In addition, PFE strives to supply as much information about the plant as you might need. We have an extensive library of digital images for use on labels or other promotional materials. We also act as a conduit between the licensee and the breeder of the plant in order to facilitate an exchange of information. Where possible, we can also assist with growing schedule information and other cultural advice – it is in everyone’s interest that the grower should be able to produce the highest quality plants in the most cost-effective fashion.

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