PFE aims to maximize the potential of each and every plant that it represents. In order to achieve this, the licensee must also be able to maximize that potential. To help achieve this, PFE offers the following to licensees:

  • the finest new garden plants, from amateur and professional breeders around the world
  • comprehensive trial and licence agreements that state clearly the responsibilities of each party to the other
  • simple, no-fuss administration of royalties – a single sales declaration form to be submitted to PFE once every six months
  • regular updates on any changes in intellectual property status
  • assistance with the preparation of marketing and promotion materials, including, where available, plant descriptions and photographs
  • grower advice and information – each variety has a product information sheet that includes descriptive information and details of any special cultivation requirements, often based directly on the breeder’s own experience and knowledge.

PFE strives to ensure that licensees have every assistance to ensure success with the new variety. We promise to go the extra mile, as that will help us to maximize long-term returns for the plant breeder.