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 PFE offers a complete service to growers and marketers of new plants, introducing new varieties and providing complete support for growing and marketing. Full details of what we do for growers are outlined in these two sections:

Growers are also invited to use the PFE portfolio as a reference list of plants that are protected by breeder’s rights. In addition, it is a good idea to check the lists at the CPVO website.


What do I do next? 

PFE is always interested to hear from potential licensees who have an interest in growing one or more of the plants in our portfolio. For full details of PFE’s current product range, please click here. To contact us to discuss any plant in the portfolio, please click here.

Growers outside of Europe are also invited to contact PFE with regard to growing plants from our portfolio in other parts of the world. In many cases, the plant is protected by breeder’s rights in several countries and PFE works in collaboration with other agents working in those countries. We will be happy to introduce you! 

Of course, don’t forget that nurseries are a good source of new plant varieties – that odd looking plant at the end of the row might have enormous market potential! So be sure to read our breeder pages to find out how PFE might be able to help maximise the potential of any new plants that you may have.