This is an online version of our New Plant Variety Information Form.

In order to begin assessing your new plant variety, PFE needs some basic information about it so that we can choose the best course of action and maximize your plant’s potential.
Therefore, please complete this form as fully and completely as you can. Please also send a photograph, if you have one, using the file attachment facility at the end of the form. If you do not have a digital photograph, then please send a transparency or print by post to us.

Prior to accepting the plant, an additional declaration will be required before the variety is introduced into trials.
Completion and submission of this form in no way places any obligations on either PFE or the Breeder for PFE to be the commercial representative of the new variety.

PFE will preserve confidentiality at all times. We may approach one or more of our trusted licensees for their opinion before proceeding, but always on the understanding that any such consultation is strictly private.

If you can not answer all the questions, do not worry – simply leave them blank (except where marked "required"). If we need more information, we will contact you.
If you would prefer to use a paper version of this form, either request it by sending us an e-mail or click here to download the form in PDF format.

About you:

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The basics

Name or codename for the new plant (required)

Genus and species (required)

Name of the breeder (if not yourself)

Is there a primary or head agent? Is the variety being sponsored by an agent or grower? If so, who?

Has any form of intellectual property protection in the new variety (Plant Variety Rights, Plant Patent, Trademark) already been granted or applied for? If so, in which territories? Please provide grant or application numbers and dates.

Origin and current status of the plant

What is the origin of the new variety? Is it from a controlled cross, a chance hybrid or a mutation (sport)? Where did it occur?

How many specimens of the plant exist?

What size are these plants? If it is already in mass production, what size is the plant normally finished in?

Where are the stock plants?

What is the pest and disease status of the plants? Have they been virus-tested? Is Elite stock available?

Describing the plant

Please give a general description of the new variety:

To which existing varieties can it be compared? How does it differ from them?

How hardy is the new variety? And how heat tolerant? Give USDA hardiness zone information, if known:

What is the flower colour? Give RHS colour chart numbers, if known:

What is the flowering season where you live?

Briefly describe the foliage. In the case of coloured-leaf plants, describe the colour or give RHS colour chart numbers, if known:

Is the plant stable? Have you seen any mutation or reversion?

What is the general habit of the plant? What is the approximate height and spread?

Using the plant

How is the plant propagated (e.g. softwood cuttings, division, tissue culture)? We will ask for any information you have on particular techniques and growing schedules later, but if your new plant has any particular or unusual requirements, please state them here:

What growing conditions are required?

What uses does the variety have? (e.g. patio plant, border plant, cut flower)

If the plant can be used for cut flower or cut foliage, have vases life trials been carried out? If so, what was the outcome?


Has the plant been offered to anyone for trial or evaluation? Has any plant material been actually provided to anyone for trial or evaluation?

Has the new variety been sold or offered for sale anywhere? If so, where and when? If not, has a launch/first sale been planned?

Has the variety been exhibited or shown anywhere? Has it been described in any articles or on any websites?

Additional information

Please give any further information that you think may be useful here. For example:

  • has the plant received any awards?
  • if a name has been chosen, does it have particular significance?
  • is this plant part of a long-term breeding programme?
  • does the plant have any particular idiosyncracies?
  • has anyone in the horticultural industry or media expressed an interest in the new plant?


Photographs are vital if we are to assess any new plant correctly. If you have a photograph, you can attach it to this form. Use the "browse" button below to find the file on your computer. If we require additional photographs, we will let you know.
Please note that we only accept the following file formats: jpeg/jpg, gif, png, tif. The maximum permitted file size is 2MB.

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