Ajuga Black Scallop in AustraliaHorticulture today is a modern global industry. Plant material travels from nation to nation with almost alarming rapidity. A new plant launched in Europe today will find its way to America and the Far East within weeks and to the rest of the world shortly after.

In addition, many companies sub-contract production to third parties operating in other countries, particularly to countries in Africa and Asia with lower labour and production costs. Equatorial countries also have climatic advantages over much of Europe, with day-length-neutral production facilities existing in central America and central Africa to allow year-round production without the need for expensive artificial heat and light.

For these reasons, it is important to choose an agent that has links around the world. In addition to covering the whole of the European Union and Middle East, PFE works in an independent and flexible manner with a range of other independent breeders’ agents working in the Far East, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Americas. With the consent of the breeder, PFE can work in a confidential and secure manner with these agents to assert and protect the rights of the breeder in other territories and, subsequently, to licence growers, collect royalties and police the rights of the breeder all around the world.

Together with PFE, it is possible for you to find your plant being offered for sale and grown by gardeners in nations across the globe, and for you to be deriving an income from these activities, no matter where they are taking place.