Solidago Little LemonAn important part of PFE’s work is to police production and collect royalties. There are two parts to this role:

  • Checking for production by unlicensed growers. Whilst this is viewed seriously, it is not always advantageous to take a heavy-handed approach, as there is not always a malicious intent. In some cases, it may be appropriate to negotiate the payment of back-royalties and to agree a licence for future production and sales. In the case of very small scale breach, the cost of collecting royalty may be outweighed by the beneficial promotional activities undertaken by the grower. In each case, the breeder is consulted, and an appropriate way forward is chosen.
    PFE polices unlicensed production by monitoring the sales and promotion activities of literally hundreds of growers across Europe by collecting catalogues, monitoring websites, visiting trade shows and discussion with colleagues. Unlicensed production on a significant scale is hard to hide.
  • Ensuring that licensed growers are making accurate and truthful sales declarations and therefore paying the correct amount of royalty to the breeder. This is policed by visiting the growers, touring their nurseries and inspecting their records. Breaches by licensees are viewed seriously, and may result in the termination of the licence if that is in the best interest of the breeder.

This activity continues throughout the lifetime of the variety. In addition, PFE continuously reviews the licensing strategy for each plant and, if a licensee is deemed to be underperforming, will take corrective action.

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