A young plant nurseryPFE also works to ensure that the whole breadth of the market is reached. For example, a new variety may initially be placed with a specialised large-volume promotion-based grower and plant finisher to give the greatest impact in the market. As time progresses and the variety becomes well known, young plant producers will become involved to increase the general availability of the new plant. Subsequently, growers and suppliers servicing the amenity and landscape markets may be licensed to grow the new plant.

PFE works to devise a strategy that is tailor-made for each new plant introduction. A strategy that might suit one plant could be totally unsuitable for another, depending on the type of plant that it is, the uses that it will have in the garden and other varieties with which it must compete.

Each strategy is supported by PFE by pull-through marketing – talking with our extensive network of gardening journalists to ensure coverage in professional and consumer media. We also work with plant label producers to provide images for picture labels and to ensure availability of tags and point of sale materials. And, of course, PFE works with licensees to provide as much information (and images) as they need for their own promotional work, in addition to any information that the breeder may have to assist in the propagation and cultivation of the new variety.

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