Spiraea Magic CarpetPFE operates a “portfolio” approach when licensing plants, which allows us to match the best plants with the most suitable growers and licensees. This has advantages for all parties. The growers and licensees are offered plants which best complement their existing product range, and with which they are most likely to succeed. PFE spends a lot of time visiting growers across Europe to inspect their facilities and to fully understand their strengths and capabilities within the market.

PFE may work with specific growers to develop market penetration strategies, with product launch and promotion techniques devised by the licensees in conjunction with and supported by PFE. Once the product has become known in the market, PFE may then work to develop a broader licensing strategy, whilst taking care not to saturate the market and reduce the new plant to a commodity item.

As a result, breeders can be sure that their plant will be placed, right from the outset, with those growers with the skills, facilities and capabilities to best propagate, grow and market the new variety. This will help to ensure the maximum possible royalty return for the new plant over the lifetime of the PVR protection.

In addition, breeders know that their variety is part of a strong portfolio of carefully selected garden plants, a portfolio that includes some of the best new varieties in the world today. Growers want to test varieties in the PFE portfolio, as they know that plants in that portfolio merit introduction.

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