A trial of Aubrieta plantsIt is important that observation and production trials are conducted under a secure trial agreement. PFE uses a standard Plant Evaluation Trial Agreement (known as a PETA), which ensures that the person or company conducting the trial agrees that the title in the intellectual property of the variety remains yours and yours alone. It also prevents them from using your variety in a breeding programme, promoting or distributing the plant or starting the plant protection “clock” by making a sale without the express consent of PFE. It essentially ensures that the trial process is controlled by PFE, acting on your behalf and under your instructions.

A specimen copy of the PETA in PDF format can be found by clicking here.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file. You can download Reader here.

Agreements similar to the PFE PETA are commonplace in the horticulture industry, and most growers are familiar with the obligations that the agreement places upon them.

PFE works with trusted partners in whom we have a high level of confidence. However, in the unlikely event that an organisation conducting a trial should carry out some act that is damaging to the future of the new plant, the PETA provides scope to claim redress and compensation, either by agreement or through the courts.

Trials will often be held in more than one location simultaneously. If the outcome of the trials is a positive one, then the next step is to move towards launching the new variety and applying for Plant Variety Rights.

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