Salvia Ember's Wish - silver medal at Plantarium

Salvia Ember’s Wish – silver medal at Plantarium

Salvia Ember’s Wish, bred by Plant Growers Australia Pty Ltd, has been awarded a Silver Medal at the 2014 Plantarium trade show in Boskoop, Netherlands.

Plantarium is the most important show in the Netherlands for garden plants. This year’s new plant competition had over 130 entries, covering perennials (tender and hardy), shrubs, climbers and trees, of which 99 entries were considered for the competition. It is the most important new plant competition in the Netherlands for these types of plants. It is judged by a jury panel from the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society, consisting of plant experts, growers, botanists and consumers. This year, 3 gold medals were awarded, 14 silver medals and 22 bronze medals.

The show attracted 17000 visitors over four days from all across Europe and also from around the world. More than 300 companies from 12 countries were exhibiting. This year’s show was the 32nd annual event. In terms of reaching growers and retailers from across Europe, it is second only to IPM Essen in terms of impact.

The plant was submitted for the competition on our behalf by Florensis BV, our licensee. Thank you Florensis for your help and support and for growing great looking plants for the show!

Salvia Ember's Wish

Salvia Ember’s Wish