Ajuga Black Scallop in a tub in the PFE gardenYou may not be aware that PFE keeps a collection of many of the plants in our portfolio in a garden at our office. This is useful to us as it helps us to understand the plants that we represent and also provides an opportunity to photograph the plants in a garden environment throughout the year. But it can also be useful to growers as it provides an opportunity to see the plants growing and to perhaps be introduced to something that might not normally cross your path.

Currently, the following plants are established in the garden:

  • Ajuga Black Scallop
  • Aruncus Misty Lace
  • Bracyglottis Walberton’s® Silver Dormouse
  • Erysimum Walberton’s® Fragrant Sunshine
  • Lavandula stoechas With Love
  • Oenothera speciosa Twilight
  • Phygelius Croftway® Purple Prince
  • Pulmonaria Pink Haze
  • Salvia nemorosa Pink Beauty
  • Solidago Little Lemon
  • Spiraea Walberton’s® Magic Carpet

There are also a number of other plants that are development projects that are being evaluated. The garden is constantly being changed and improved (we are currently building a new low retaining wall to give a sunny and free-drained position for plants that prefer those conditions) and so the range of plants changes from time to time.

Visitors to the garden are welcome strictly by appointment only. Please contact us if you would like to come along – we’ll have tea and cake ready for you!