Zantedeschia aethiopica Snow White flower

PFE is pleased to announced that we have been appointed as the breeder’s agent by Flip Schram for an exciting new Zantedeschia variety, Zantedeschia aethiopica Snow White.

This is a compact selection from the well-known variety Crowborough, growing to only 60cm high including the flower spathe. The pure white spathes are full-sized, in spite of the compact nature of the plant.

PFE has recently filed the EU PVR application on the breeder’s behalf, CPVO file number 20070529. The application date is 28 February 2007. Under EU law, a pending application for PVR affords the same protection to the breeder as if it had been granted. Therefore, we wish to remind growers that propagation and sale without a licence is prohibited.

Growers in the EU who are interested in testing this variety should contact us. In North America, Snow White is represented by our friends at PlantHaven Inc.